Nudes designs Cardboard Cafe in Mumbai

Mumbai based Architecture studio Nudes, recently pulled off the first cardboard inspired cafe. Elements such as the walls, furniture and lampshades, were all precision cut from the biodegradable material. Several layers of this material were cut to produce curved, flowing shapes that extend from the walls. The tables were impregnated with a wax treatment to protect it from spillages and make them easier to clean. A technique of stacking cut pieces of cardboard, increases the strength of the material, which was used when designing the chairs. 

This is such an innovative and creative design, that has found a way to make use of a sustainable material in an amazing way. We all know how cardboard can be, so it was inevitable that they ran into some complications "Building with cardboard meant constant exploration and inquiry into material performance," however they have definitely pulled it off.

Founder of Nudes- Nuru Karim, wanted to showcase how versatile cardboard can be and is hoping for this project to start a dialogue on design’s role in a sustainable future.


Designing a Tropical Surfer’s Paradise

For it’s sixth season, we collaborated with Coppa Club to design and curate the transformation of their Tower Bridge terrace. This year we decided to go for a Surfer’s Paradise theme to warm the Summer months. One of the most noticeable additions is the Vintage VW Camper van bar from Beetle Juice, that sits in place of the front two igloos. This was a perfect fit to the theme and terrace, providing customers with amazing drinks and surfer’s vibes.

The pods also got a makeover by the wonderful team at Cameron Gardens. They dressed the pods with tonnes of leafy foliage and cute little hanging pineapples. We paired this with tropical plants supplied by Patch, that work together to create a lush paradise.

It wouldn't be a surfer’s theme without some surfboards. We gave them a splash of pastel colour and placed them around the terrace and entrance. We also used one of the surfboards to display the Bar Menu which leans casually against the camper van.

Another great aspect of this year’s terrace, is the ‘epic swing’. A bespoke surfboard swing that sits in the corner of the terrace, perfectly framing Tower Bridge- one of the many curated photo ops! A stainless steel ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ sign completes this little corner, along with tropical plants and rocks.

If you haven’t already, we highly suggest going down and enjoying a cocktail this Summer. Hurry, they're booking up fast!

New Bloom's at Kew Gardens

Creative glass genius, Dale Chihuly, has revealed his sculptures for Kew Gardens. His work consists of beautiful organic shapes, with multiple individual pieces of glass. The organic elements mimic the magical landscapes and vegetation of it’s surroundings.

The exhibition displays 32 artworks with ‘reflections of nature’ over 13 different locations. The main part of this exhibition is the 9m long pendant named ‘Temperate House Persians’. Flourished with intricate blue-green flowers, cascading from the ceiling.

Reflections on Nature is not just about glass displayed in greenery however – it is also a thoughtful display of Chihuly’s oeuvre that reveals how he works on a number of different scales. In the gardens’ Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art, a series of drawings, earlier and smaller works and a long film do much to explain how Chihuly is inspired by nature and ‘how objects look in a space’ and creatively motivated by the notion of pushing glass to the ‘edge of its technical abilities’, until it ‘is so hot it is almost collapsing’.

This is definitely on our ’To See’ list!


How to make the most of the Easter Weekend

4 days off from work? Thinking about what on earth to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today’s blog brings you tips on how to explore this Easter weekend.

First on the list is a pretty obvious one.. Visit one of London’s many beautiful Cathedrals such as Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. Whether you're celebrating or not, the details in the Architecture of these grand places are something to be admired by all. The weather forecast promises lots of sunshine, so make a day of it, get some culture in and enjoy the sites!

From exploring Architecture to hunting for Easter eggs. National Trust properties lend their generous grounds for you to rummage through for chocolate goodies. Cadbury’s biggest Easter egg hunt takes place over many locations and you can find your nearest one by typing in your postcode.

Lastly, it isn’t Easter if you haven’t eaten your body weight in chocolate. We suggest visiting one of the many Easter themed afternoon teas. Le Meridien in Piccadilly has a Peter Rabbit theme and set in beautiful glass atrium. ‘Served in the bright and airy Terrace On Piccadilly boasting a Victorian glass atrium with floor to ceiling windows and balcony overlooking Piccadilly, and decked out with an array of foliage, the setting perfectly matches Peter's tale. If the weather is good you can choose to take your Afternoon Tea on the grand balcony area outside, overlooking the bustling West End.’ 

Indulge in some delicious treats and make the most of your time off, before it all starts again on Tuesday!

Gucci's Pop Up Decor Apartment

One of the main events in the design calendar has come and gone with a bang. From nature inspired kitchens designed by Tom Dixon, to an 8ft sculpture of the Maesta Sofferente sat infront of Duomo di Milano. There were heaps of quirky, creative and inspiring installations with many great suppliers showcasing their designs at Milan Design Week.

Amongst the weird and wonderful, Gucci opened a pop-up apartment to house their latest houseware collection. The apartment itself can be described as Gucci overload, with maximalist decor covered in the brand’s signature patterns and prints.

The actual homeware collection is displayed in real life scenarios, depicting how they would be utilised. Gucci created lovely vintage scenes with such luxury and sophistication poured into them. Velvets, bold prints and a huge marble fireplace, help make this space feel majestic.

For anyone who missed it, the store will remain open till June.



Terrazzo is a concrete set material with chips of marble or granite flourishing it’s surface. It is then polished to create an artistically smooth finish that is now showing up more and more in interiors. It can be used as a flooring or as a surface and people are becoming more creative with it. There are many decorative elements such as tables, lamps and wallpaper that showcasing the material and now it is being used to create fully blown interior spaces. 

Terrazzo has actually been around for a very long time. It was originally used to create cheap and durable flooring by mixing scrap marble with clay. You can find it anywhere as a surface or flooring but it is stepping into the spot light as a bigger and more creative design element. Due to it’s manufacturing, there are so many versions you can make and can easily tailor it to your own colour palette. Speckles of colours that accent your interiors, encased in polished concrete, creates a beautiful moment in the space.

Russian based Architect Reutov Dmitry has used this material to create a fun and playful interior in Ibiza. Along with purple fabric walls, this Studio used terrazzo as a statement in many rooms. The kitchen has curved terrazzo panels that house machines such as Ovens, with a purple tubular backing which provides a contrast between hard and soft materials. This contrast is dotted around the Villa with a full terrazzo shower space in the wet room. The specs are light and colourful, paired with the sweet use of purple, creating a modern pastel dream villa.

Kate Moss’s London House

Kate Moss has revealed her ethos for designing the perfect bathroom. In an interview with Architectural Digest, the Model spoke on her eclectic taste and control freak tendencies. “I love mixing old and new things, all different eras”. She states how old movies are a big influence to her bathroom design, with their sophisticated chaise lounges and huge claw-foot bath tubs. Extravagance oozes from all aspects of this room, with a James Worrall Vintage Chandelier hung directly above the tub and hand painted silk wallpaper designed by bespoke wallpaper company de Gournay. “They created a silver-tinted ­anemone pattern (according to Greek mythology, the flower is thought to ­symbolise luck). The result of an intimate design process, Anemones in Light depicts cascading blooms overlapping shards of solar radiance, and will become part of de Gournay’s permanent collection. “I’ve always loved what they do. It’s like vintage jewellery—it’s special,” she says”.

Kate mentions having a similar characteristic for her country house-

“My bathroom in the ­country has a chesterfield, and when I have my birthday parties there, we always end up hanging out in it,” Moss explains. “It’s got a record player, it’s cozy, it’s fun—there’s potions and lotions and smelly things. Everyone’s welcome.”

We love the sound of Kate Moss’s bathroom and think all houses should take note. Having the ultimate suave space to relax at the end of the day. Adding a sense of luxury to the everyday.


Our new completed project for the Sportalm concept store in Kitzbühel is now live on our website!

The idea behind this retail fit out, was a typical Kitzbühel vibe. The fashion brand itself sells traditional clothing, sport/ski outfits and high fashion items. The company values the ‘Made in Austria’ approach, so we took inspiration from the fashion and used that to create a great concept store for Rathausgalleries in Innsbruck. We used traditional aspects such as shingle wall features and mixed it with customised artwork and a fashion gallery to showcase individual outfits. We made use of the double height space at the front of the store, suspending modern pendant lights from the ceiling.

As this is a luxury brand, we decided to create a bar/ lounge area for shoppers to relax with their morning coffee or evening champagne, to elevate their experience at Sportalm. Ofcourse stylish seating and accessories were used to dress this space, continuing that sense of grandeur in both brand and store concept.

Click here to check out the visuals from this project on our website!


You've probably seen this trend pop up on your Pinterest and Instagram feeds. It is a sleek, modern  and minimal design element that has the ability to open any space. Standard 4 walls and a roof are so last decade. Houses and buildings are opening up to become more inviting and social and this trend is a great way to do that. 

Creating a Crittall wall adds so many benefits to your home. The delicate dark framing allows for light to spill in and maximises the usage of natural light. This is a brilliant factor as you should always aim to maximise the amount of natural light you get. It brightens up a room and is kinder on your eyes than artificial light. Large open spaces are known to make you feel more free and less cramped than a normal room. 

Having a Crittall wall also becomes a feature or statement within your home, with its beautiful panels and framed views. (Take a look at our post on Accent walls to get more inspiration for dull walls) It is the ultimate way to bring a piece of Industrial Chic, to your own personal quarters. 


Prefabrication is a well known form of structure that is produced offsite and then brought on site, this can be as a flat packed piece or a fully stabilised structural element. Prefabrication is a modernist approach to home furnishing and is becoming more and more popular. The ready made scene has been around for many years, the first instance dating back to 1624 when the English brought a wooden panellised building to Massachusetts.

However it is only in the last decade or so where prefabrication technology has allowed architects to produce some amazing feats of Architecture. Architecture studio Precht has designed this concept for a Vertical farm with modular houses. The concept was to allow residents in the city to grow their own agriculture and live in a sustainable way. They have managed to create a vertical community in the city, proving how natural resources can inspire modern Architecture. Prefabricated A frames are used to form flexible living areas, using another sustainable element, Cross Laminated Timber.

Everything is previously thought out and tested so that the pieces come together as a unit and all included aspects have a use. Designing this way allows you to get creative with the necessities and give every joint, joist and structure a make over. There is an art in beautiful joinery and prefabricating structures allows for all of those elements to shine and take centre stage. The best benefit to prefabrication is that construction time is a doddle. Many buildings of this nature are put together on average of just over one week! So why not be on the front line of up and coming Architectural technology, and move into your dream house sooner than you know it.



We all use them. One of the most commonly used spaces of any building, yet most of the time there are no design efforts to improve their appearance. Staircases are about connecting and when designed right, can become a beautiful and multifunctional element. Here’s a look into some well thought out staircases.


As it says on the tin, this stripped back staircase has become part storage and part showcase with its creative design. Situated in the centre of the house, Ofsit design studio managed to keep it light and airy with the frame structure, transforming what can be a pretty dark space into a bright and useful focal point. 

Living Staircase:

This out of the ordinary office staircase has hidden rooms at each landing. Designed to encourage more social interactions, it becomes an extension of the office in an informal way. With plants running up the balustrade creating a tranquil space for creative thinking, meetings or just a short break away from your desk. Paul Cocksedge Studio took the cold, windowless staircase and replaced it with an inviting centre piece.

The Wellcome Collection Reading Room:

And we are ending with a classic- the grand staircase at the Wellcome Collection. This reading room was given extra seating when designed by AOC Design and Architecture practice. Utilising the space taken up by the grand staircase, creating a comfy spot with large cushions and carpeted treds, giving it another purpose than simply connecting A to B. 

Multifunctional architecture adds real character and extended use to the build itself. So if you’re thinking about your next refurb, keep these ideas in mind to really make the most out of your space.

Accent Walls

They've been around for some time but we still love them. There are so many different options to add that touch of excitement to any room. It isn’t just walls that are having eclectic make overs, but ceilings and floors too. From bold geometric prints to just a simple splash of a contrasting colour, here are our favourites for sprucing up that one boring wall.

Murals by Anne Kyyrö Quinn:

I came across this company at the surface design show 2019 and was amazed at the craftsmanship. These felt designs are hand made and beautifully executed. One wall of this soft and luxurious creation will bring warmth to your senses. Murals come in many different materials, prints and crafts but they all have that power of indulgence due to their amazing and innovative designs. 

Gallery by Desenio:

We are in an age where more photos are taken than ever. Why not put those digital delights to use and create a personalised gallery in your home. Go for a range of different sizes and map out the arrangement before you go in with the hammer. Desenio offer a range of different frames in multiple sizes and also have a great poster selection. You can choose from their inspirational quotes or their quirky prints, to decorate your wall just like your instagram feed. The best thing about this is that if you nail the arrangement *excuse the pun* then you can change the prints to suit the ever-changing trends or use the growing stack of photographs.

Tiles/Panels by Wall Decor 3D:

The tiled effect may be over but these quirky 3D panels bring a wave of fresh and innovative creativity to any wall they adorn to. The flowing textures are perfect for a dining room, creating an elegant backdrop for your dinner party. They come in a variety of materials which allows you to move on from the standard plastered walls we are all used to.

Paint Job:

It’s the simplest way to bring warmth and a sense of character into your home. Choose your shades wisely so they compliment existing furniture and decor. Go for light and soft tones such as pastels, if the room is small as this helps open up and brighten the space. Or if you're going for a cosy vibe, a cleverly selected wall covered in a luscious teal or deep bordeaux brings a glamorous feel with their rich and royal tones. Selecting the right colours can help transform your desired room into the best spot in the house. You’ll never want to go back to plain old magnolia again!

Spring Colour Palette

The Pantone Colour trends for Spring 2019 consist of some bold and earthy tones, which is to be expected for this time of year. The Colours paint a picture of freshly cut grass and beautiful budding florals lacing the flower beds. With Spring brings Colour, not only in nature but also in fashion and home trends, so take note and add a splash of freshness to your life. 

The classics such as yellows and greens are always a hit to make a space feel brighter and perkier and also bring that touch of crisp spring flair.

Bold rich colours such as Pink Peacock and Princess Blue are a great way to warm up a living room on those not so sunny days.

Turmeric isn't only an ingredient in the kitchen, it is also a feast for the eyes with its pungent orange tones.

Whether its adding a fresh cut bouquet to your dining table, being more bold with your scatter cushions, or just embracing clothing that isn't in a neutral fabric- these tones are an empowering and playful way to brighten up your Spring.


Big Job, Small Space: Creating a Compact and Functional Home Office

Office buildings are often huge and contain everything necessary to run a business, but many people do the same exact work from an area no bigger than a hallway bathroom. How? They prioritise efficiency and get creative. If you’ve recently made the switch to a home office, here are some tips on how to best utilise every square inch of your available space. 

Compact and Convenient

There’s no way of getting around the need for office and computer equipment. But when you’re limited on workspace, you’ll have to downsize. Thankfully, that’s the easy part. 

Start by swapping your bulky desktop computer for a powerful laptop or all-in-one model. These are every bit as capable as a chunky PC but can fit comfortably on a small surface, such as a built-in desk. This type of desk can be made to fit your home’s layout, meaning you can take advantage of otherwise dead space, such as a spare closet, basement, or the hallway. If you put your office in an out-of-the-way area, you might want to consider adding a WiFi amplifier to ensure you have a strong internet connection.

A wireless printer, which can be moved out of the way when not in use, and an overhead light will also help free up space on your desk. Get creative in your storage efforts, and don’t be shy about pinning things to the wall that would otherwise sit in an ever-growing pile of things to do. Ensure that your chair slides underneath your desk to reduce your office footprint.

Double-Duty Decor

When you’re short on space, you have to make sure that everything in your office has a purpose. You may not be able to display your favourite family photos right next to your computer monitor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Stick with simple designs and solid colours that won’t overrun your senses. Just as a cluttered and heavily decorated classroom can affect the learning abilities of young children, too many colours, shapes, and other distractions can pull your attention from work and reduce your productivity.

Look for office furniture and accessories that serve more than one purpose. For example, there are many desktop organizers that pull double duty as a phone charger. If you don’t have a ton of wall space to store papers, you can also add storage to the back of your chair. This chair pocket from is a great DIY solution you can customise according to your decor.

Lighting Is Essential

No matter where you add your home office, keep in mind that you should have access to plenty of natural light. Not only is sun exposure good for your mental health, but it also promotes energy and can keep your stress levels low when things get hectic. Be mindful, however, that you do not have a direct view out of your window since this can also serve as a distraction.

The Cost Consideration

Moving your workspace from a standard office to a home office is a cost-effective way to get things done. However, it’s not a truly free space, and there may be additional expenses to consider. For example, if you’ll have clients on site, you may need to invest in additional insurance, and being home all day will add to your electric bill. A computer can easily run $1,000, and a new desk will typically set you back between $275 and $1,200

You don’t have to have a massive workspace to be productive. And as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

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Written by Alice Robertson

Pop- ups are even taking over museums...

Social media does not only change the way use restaurants and the way we design restaurants for its scenery to be used for the perfect photograph. There is also a big change in the museum culture. While it used to be normal that it was forbidden to take photos it now is actually encouraged to take photos in museums like Moma and co.

There’s a new kind of art installation popping up in cities across the world. It isn’t designed to showcase classical paintings, or to house impressive historical artifacts — it’s designed to be photographed for Instagram. These might not feel like real museums, but they’re a reflection of a real change happening in the museum world right now. As much as we love Kusama’s art, it is actually a mirror room installation that makes us queue for an hour.

Museums — both new pop-ups and traditional institutions — are capitalizing on smartphone culture by creating spaces whose main appeal is being a backdrop for a great selfie. As more kinds of retail experiences move online, spaces like this — where digital reproducibility through social media is an active part of the design — are only going to get more common.

Check out this video and learn more about how “instagram traps” are changing art museums.


Igloo Mania - Coppa Club Igloos ... how everything began 2016

It actually all began that we wanted to create an outside space that guests could enjoy throughout Summer and Winter.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge opened in May 2016 and the terrace was in full every single day throughout the Summer, then as soon as it got colder we immediately saw our numbers dropping. 

The problem is that due to our location being next to the tower of London, we are very limited with what we can do to cover the terrace. A fixed pergola/awning structure is not an option, as this would block the view to the tower. So we had to come up with a solution that would be temporary, would not block the view and have the ability to be installed very quickly to avoid any additional loss of traffic and revenue. Would also mention here that we still wanted our guests to still be able to enjoy views of The Shard and Tower Bridge.

That’s when then the idea of the igloos was born. They are off-the-shelf products from Germany that could be delivered within a week. The rest was quite easy for me to design. I grew up in a ski resort and just brought the charm of the alps to the river Thames in London! People got very attached to them and so were we.

The igloos were announced in the Evening Standard on a Monday evening, by the Tuesday morning we already had 5,000 emails with booking requests in our inbox, on Wednesday that number was 20,000!. No one expected that we had to hire 10 office angels to take care of the bookings. As soon as we were able to answer all these emails, we realised we could not even come close to meeting the demand.

In a nutshell:



 25k sign ups to the newsletter through partnership and social media competition with Secret LDN 


Demand was so high that the website crashed within 10 minutes

•14.5k cover bookings in the igloos

•28.4K opening rate on newsletter - 50% (21.71% industry average)

•18k click through on newsletter – 63% (1.33% industry average)

Website Page Views

•Day one total - 112k (daily average 10k)

•Day one by hour – 15k (hourly average 500)

Social Stats

•2k+ new Instagram followers in past 7 days

•1k Instagram likes on the igloo announcement

•32K reach on Facebook post

•12.9k impressions on announcement tweet

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