Coppa Club

Henley - on - Thames - 2018

Client: Osmond Capital Ltd

Collaborators: Quadrant Design and Gina Brennan

After various redesigns and pop up installations, Coppa Club opened Coppa Club Henley. In a collaboration with Quadrant design and Gina Brennan, Theresa was overseeing the design as the Design Manager for Coppa Club. Known for it’s regatta, Henley had a lovely neighbourhood feeling, so we needed to make that come across in our design. We wanted that cool and relaxing vibe that you get in Sonning, to show in Henley too. 3 Different areas were created to accommodate guests, whether eating, drinking or working. Reclaimed furniture was used in the lounge area to balance out the glossier elements such as the brass inserts and the tiled white walls.

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