Coppa Club - Tower Bridge - Summer 2018

Client: Osmond Capital Ltd

 As the igloo structures are not secured to the ground, and are transparent, we decided to leave them out on the terrace as an intelligent piece of furniture that can be used all year round. As we designed different schemes for the igloos, we rebranded them as pods and thus created Paradise Pods for the Summer. The concept was based on the Bohemian culture present in Tulum and Ibiza. It was important for us to create a space for the busy working individuals to be transported to a holiday-esque destination. Palm trees, foliage and cacti were supplied by the Bonsai Crew and were incorporated into our Pod decor to add that tropical twist. Other aspects such as trendy tassels on festoon lighting lacing the terrace and chic eclectic furniture pieces, sourced from across the world, were just what we needed to make our Paradise Pods feel like the ultimate Summer spot. 

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