Goldene Gams

Kitzbühel - Austria - December 2018

Client- Hotel Tiefenbrunner Gmbh

The Goldene Gams restaurant used to be the Afternoon tea spot when that craze was about in Kitzbühel. Everyone went there after skiing, live music would play and people would drink and dance before they went for dinner. In 2018, we worked to bring the old charm back to this beautiful spot. This building had impressive old ceilings and timber cladded walls which we wanted to keep and work with to extend that classic style. The restaurant is divided into 4 parts, a lounge area, restaurant, bar and a traditional restaurant. For the lounge area, taupe leather and kilim cushions are used to make the guests feel relaxed. A few designer statements such as Bocci 84 lights help elevate the area without making it feel too elegant. The restaurant is transformed with new upholstered banquette seating, which is inviting and comfortable for diners. Houndstooth chairs and black and white table lamps add classy elegance for that special meal. The bar and traditional restaurant areas were left pretty much the same for their history and beauty. With a 200 year old ceiling in the bar and the restaurant previously being a horse stables, we wanted to keep that rich history as part of the storytelling.


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