Sportalm Kitzbühel

Innsbruck - Austria - March 2019

Client - Sportalm

The Design and style, which is transported through a Fashion brand, has to be found not only in the clothing but also within the store concept that showcases that brand. Sportalm Kitzbühel is a well known luxury fashion brand from Austria, which combines tyrolean tradition with an urban feel. The company values the “Made-in-Austria” policy and uses only high quality materials for their fashion. In 2019, we worked to bring these values in the new store located in the Rathausgalleries in Innsbruck (Austria). The customer should feel as close to the brand as possible and should experience the full “Sportalm Kitzbühel feeling” when entering the store. The Interior Design reflects the “Kitzbühel Lifestyle” with a modern twist. A Tyrolean shingle wall, customised artwork and modern statement pendants extend over two floors. In order to present the clothing in an appealing way for customers, we devised different options to showcase them. Traditional retail furniture such as metal hanging rails and shelves were used, as well as a modern fashion gallery, to highlight individual outfits. High quality materials such as loden and leather were used, which can be found within the clothing as well. Using similar materials to the clothing creates a deep connection between the fashion and retail design. We worked towards developing a concept store, so that customers can experience the all round package. A lounge and bar area with stylish seating options was created, to invite the customer to have a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne during their shopping experience. 

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