Coppa Club - Igloos

Coppa Club - Tower Bridge - Winter 2016/2017

Client: Osmond Capital Ltd

The Coppa Club in Tower Bridge was opened in May 2016. The terrace was left unfinished as planning issues meant permanent structures were not permitted. The space was fully utilised in the Summer but come the colder months, the terrace would remain empty and the Restaurant would lose average revenue of 80 covers per day. We needed to find a solution to this problem, to allow customers to enjoy the terrace no matter the weather. Feeling inspired by the alps at home in Austria, we created a Winter Wonderland with Igloos found online. We styled them with plants, lanterns, sheepskin rugs and made the interior feel as homely as possible. This was only a short term fix whilst we waited for planning permission on a long term solution. No one could have expected that 3 days after the launch of the Igloos, that they would be fully booked for the entire season. That’s when we realised that this terrace is a stage and it needed to be fully utilised. This project won the ‘Restaurant and bar Design Award’. in the category ‘Best pop up Worldwide’.


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